Elim van Delft


​​Dutch-born singer Elim van Delft started taking singing lessons at the age of thirteen. His voice soon proved to be of international quality.

After a few months he made his first international musical trip. Ever since he has already been able to shine on international stages.

As a starting singer, he received a diploma during his participation at the prestigious Elena Obraztsova International Singing Competition in Saint Petersburg (Russia).
Founded by the legendary mezzo-soprano herself.

In November 2017, Elim's first album was released, which contained Christmas music in four different languages.
One year later, Elim played the leading role as Bastien in Mozart's opera Bastien und Bastienne.
The opera was staged by his vocal coach soprano assoluto dramático Elena Syssojeva, and performed in the castle of the city of Schagen.

During his second trip to Saint Petersburg he was personally invited to sing at the Dvořák International Singing Competition in Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic) by the chairman of the jury Maestro Peter Dvorský.
As an exception, he has been the only high-voiced male singer in the history of the competition and sang under special approval.
During his guest appearance Elim worked with pianist Lenka Navrátilová.

At the age of sixteen he exchanged the North-Holland countryside for the city of The Hague. Where he started at the School for Young Talent at the Royal Conservatoire as a student of soprano Irene Verburg. He obtained his diploma and managed to complete the subject of musical style history with a grade of nine out of ten.

During his career he worked with, among others Gilbert den Broeder and Anna Korepova.

In 2024 Elim had the honor of performing the duet Barcelona with the Dutch diva Karin Bloemen in the Royal Lounge of Huis ter Duin (Noordwijk). La Bloemen as Freddie Mercury and Elim as the classical singer Montserrat Caballe.

The many stages he performed on include Huis ter Duin, the prestigious philharmonic hall of Saint Petersburg, the small hall of the world-famous Amsterdams Concertgebouw, the music hall of Karlovy Vary, the grand Kurzaal of Kurhaus Scheveningen, Wittenburg castle in Wassenaar, and the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague.